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Our Purpose

MedicalDirector is part of the Telstra Health group. We build more than leading
health software, we're shaping the future of health. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

Ideas and knowledge are what we all bring to the table, and meeting like-minded people who want to make a real positive difference in the world is rewarding to say the least. From our software designers to our strategy team, what brings us together is that we're part of something bigger.

Enabling ideal healthcare one step at a time.

Together, making people healthier around the world.

Over 1 billion moments of care and counting.

On average, 2.3 moments of care are enabled through MedicalDirector's software every second. That’s over 1 billion consults that have used our solutions to provide care for patients.

Innovation now and for the future


Imagination drives technology and technology fosters better ways of working. At MedicalDirector, anything is possible- whether you’re creating insights or improving interaction with patients, we can help.

Every service we offer starts with the question:
"What does ideal health mean to you?"

Building your long-term vision starts with our people.

Each and every one of our teams motivate the work we do. As a whole, we put proposals together, venture and overcome obstacles.

Our company culture is shaped by our CODE: Care, Openness, Delivery and Empowerment, we always keep this ethos in mind when working with clients and we motivate all our employees to find their niche so that we can all flourish.


MedicalDirector ranks #2 on the 2018 Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies List and is also the winner of the AFR award for Best Business Model Innovation.

We are proud to be a trusted leader in digital health.



We’re empowering our teams and the healthcare system to do great things together. We'd love you to be a part of that.

Your ideals.
Our Innovation

Imagine going to a place where you love what you do, collaborating with people who have the same passion, vision and drive. And what brings you together is that you’re a part of something bigger.

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MedicalDirector has been supporting healthcare professionals and improving health outcomes for over 30 years.