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The convenient way to manage patient immunisations without a HSCN connection.

NHS-approved software to help you record and manage patient immunisation details from anywhere, with no HSCN connection required.

Supporting immunisation clinics with secure cloud-based technology.

Our cloud-based software enables immunisation clinics to ‘check-in’ patients, record immunisation details and feed clinical information back to their usual GP, without a HSCN connection enabling ideal healthcare for at-risk patients.


Helix can operate on any NHS-approved tablet or laptop, removing the need for an HSCN connection or smartcard.

Easy to use

With just a few clicks, you can identify the patient, register their consent and record their immunisation details, safely and securely.


Supported by the latest cyber security technology, Helix is secure for both the clinic and patient.

Saves time 

Helix allows immunisation details to be recorded faster, enabling clinics to treat more patients sustainably.

Manage immunisations remotely in five easy steps


Step one: Identify patient

Search for a patient using their NHS number or their personal details, or you can scan the barcode on their invitation letter.

Step two: Complete clinical screening

Confirm that the patient is eligible to receive the vaccine using the clinical screening questionnaire.

clinical screening

Step three: Record patient consent

Obtain patient consent to receive the vaccine.

Step four: Record vaccination details

Scan the barcode on the vaccine vial to load the details directly into Helix, or add them in manually. Patients can then be allocated to an ‘under observation’ status. Any adverse reactions can be recorded here too.

finish encounter

Step five: Save and finish encounter

Send the information back to the patient’s usual GP to keep their record up-to-date.

Helix. It’s your partner in delivering superior remote healthcare.

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