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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 5 April, 2023

5 April, 2023

New Features

2023 Spring campaign COVID vaccine changes

Addition of the following COVID vaccines for the Spring 2023 booster campaign as directed by NHS England:

  • Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.4-5 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine 15 micrograms/15micrograms/0.3ml dose dispersion for injection multidose vials (Pfizer Ltd)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine VidPrevtyn Beta (CoV2 preS dTM monovalent B.1.351 [recombinant adjuvanted]) 5micrograms/0.5ml dose solution and emulsion for injection multidose vials (Sanofi Pasteur)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Spikevax Original/Omicron BA.4/BA.5 dispersion for injection 0.1mg/ml multidose vials (Moderna, Inc)
  • Comirnaty Children 6 months – 4 years COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine 3micrograms/0.2ml dose concentrate

Removal of the following decommissioned covid vaccines as directed by NHS England:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Vaxzevria (ChAdOx1 S [recombinant]) not less than 2.5×100,000,000 infectious units/0.5ml dose suspension for injection multidose vials (AstraZeneca UK Ltd)
  • Spikevax COVID-19 mRNA (nucleoside modified) Vaccine 0.1mg/0.5mL dose dispersion for injection multidose vials (Moderna, Inc)


Clinical screening questions

Addition of clinical screening questions to support the new 6months to 4 year old child cohort for the Comirnaty Children (6m – 4y) vaccine.

Backend performance improvement

Improvement to event workflow to increase performance when recording vaccination events.

    Relaxation of batch number format validation

    Relaxation of validation when entering a vaccine batch number to allow clinical user to proceed with recording vaccination events. Display of expected format and soft validation to indicate whether the entered batch number conforms to expected format.

    Comirnaty COVID vaccine update

    Removal of option to record a fractional dose and update to recommended age to 12 years+ for the following vaccine

    • Comirnaty COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine 30micrograms/0.3ml dose concentrate for dispersion for injection multidose vials (Pfizer Ltd)

    Retrospective data entry limit

    Implementation of a new requirement from NHS England. It is no longer possible to create COVID-19 vaccination records if more than 15 days have passed since the vaccination was administered.